IncrediMail Support

Only IncrediMail makes it very simple as well an attractive enough option by including lots of graphics, visuals, and inclusion of characters like smilies, etc. All of these features incorporated in your E-mail make for a very enjoyable as well as lively interaction. Sometimes, it helps to look beyond the mundane aspects of hard core business realities. Isn't it?

We at eMechanics ensure the following as far as offering IncrediMail tech support is concerned with–

Send and receive error in E-mails

Operation incomplete issues while send and receive emails

IncrediMail freezing issues (i.e.. keep connecting with emails ..etc)

IncrediMail not responding issues

Account logging in issues (i.e.. Invalid Password, Socket errors ..etc)

Create backup of lost IncrediMail data

Browser compatibility issues

IncrediMail Upgrade issues

Import and Export IncrediMail data



IncrediMail is incredibly simple and fun to use

IncrediMail simply put enables the user to use the basic tool of communication called E-mail in a really trouble free and enjoyable manner.

More than anything else, what really makes IncrediMail click for the end user is that the smaller to the bigger all needs are taken care of adequately by this wonderful E-mail system. You can pick and choose your favourite font, and the point sizes as well. Give your E-mail text and a nice and attractive background.

Provide a very lively look and feel to the E-mail by including graphics, and other visual effects like adding smilies and other such characters that are also keeping in with the subject matter being communicated.

It is not without reason that IncrediMail enables your firm to not only keep your current set of clients happy but also expand your base to include newer ones

With IncrediMail even those in the age group of 50 – 90 age group are kept happy and satisfied.

With IncrediMail, you will not only be communicating through mere words and hard core business language, but through visually rich means that will render your text highly readable and user-friendly

IncrediMail means you can pick and choose your font and point sizes

Inclusion of graphics and characters and colour options implies that your mail would be delight to received and understand

Apart from the visual accompaniments, there is also the factor of sound effects. The positive response that you will receive can only be imagined

You can pick and choose from any of the available IncrediMail subscription packages such as – Gold Gallery, Premium Pack, Valentine Pack, Christmas Pack, etc. as per your specific requirements

What is more, the IncrediMail system is compatible with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, ATT, etc.


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